How Can We Grow Michigan's Population?

Michiganders from every corner of the state and young people throughout the country have weighed in with their ideas on how we can grow the state’s population.

Number of People Engaged+

Attended 70 in-person events

Captured feedback from 878 MI ZIP codes and 43 out-of-state ZIP codes

3,000 people engaged with at in-person events

Number of Respondents+

1,000 respondents from in-person events in Michigan

11,000+ digital respondents in Michigan

2,700+ national poll respondents

Top Priorities for Michiganders+

30% said they want improved infrastructure

13% said they want better career and education opportunities

12% said they want more accessible and available housing

Here's what they say:

0 %

say one thing they love most about living in Michigan is the natural beauty.

0 %

say job or educational opportunities was the top factor when deciding where to call home.

0 %

of 18-34 year olds identified housing as the most important issue facing their community (top answer from 18-34 year olds)

National Poll Results

What were the top factors that influenced your decision to live in your current location?

29% job or educational opportunities

22% said proximity to family and friends and 22% said place

17% cost of living

Why are you considering a move?

58% New job or education opportunity

45% New experiences

30% Too expensive to live in current location

What kind of incentive would cause you to consider moving to a new location?

35% Down payment on a home

34% Cash incentive for relocating

20% Student loan assistance

Questions and Answers

Q: What's the best part about living in Michigan?
A: The state park and national park system, by far, along with the readily available fruits and veggies in season. When I moved to MI 26 years ago, I was astounded to find a thriving agricultural industry. Best kept state secret ever!

Survey Respondent


Q: If there was one thing that you could change about life in Michigan, what would it be?
A: We need better public transportation

Survey Respondent


Q: In your opinion, what is the most important issue facing your community today?
A: Lack of housing and the inability for 'locals' (vs out of town/second home/AirBnBers) to be able to afford a home (especially 'middle class' professionals like teachers, healthcare professionals, public servants, etc).

Survey Respondent


Q: As a Lifelong Michigander, why have you stayed in Michigan?
A: Community, natural resources, job opportunities, family.

Survey Respondent


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Let’s Grow Michigan is tackling the state’s declining population head on.

In August, the team set out on a mission to collect honest feedback and ideas from Michiganders that could help boost the population while also uncovering aspects they love. The team traveled to every corner of the state engaging with residents of all backgrounds and perspectives that will be used to create the most robust population growth strategy in Michigan’s history.

Michiganders from every corner of the state and young people throughout the country have weighed in. The team collected survey responses in-person at events, digitally through social media and newsletters as well as by conducting a national poll.

Feedback collected has made one thing clear: there is no one-size-fits-all approach to solving this problem. Different communities have different needs.

Hearing from real residents on real challenges they face in their communities will allow the Let’s Grow Michigan team to generate real solutions. Analyzing and leveraging information collected will help guide future investments and position Michigan as the most competitive state in the nation to attract new residents while retaining those who already call this great state home.


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